Assaigai is now AirWell
September 13, 2021
The AirWell Team

Assaigai is excited to announce our name change to AirWell New Mexico. This name change reflects 41 years of experience as a full service, environmental analysis laboratory together with new commitment to improve indoor air quality for all of the places we live and work.

“With our expanded services, we can now help our clients get to the heart of indoor air quality issues that might be affecting their health” – JW Biava


“AirWell is more than just a name change, as we are greatly expanding our services. We will continue to offer certified testing in the commercial, governmental, industrial, and educational communities.  And now we are expanding to offer Indoor Wellness Assessments anywhere people live. More than simply conducting a single test, we can now help our clients get to the heart of indoor air quality issues that might be affecting their health.” says JW Biava, CEO of AirWell New Mexico.

Indoor Wellness Badge - Assaigai is now AirWell

AirWell Indoor Wellness Assessments help anyone get a better picture of contaminants in their environment that may be affecting their health. The assessment begins by taking a health history to understand symptoms and concerns. Next, using state of the art equipment, we inspect the space and conduct laboratory testing as needed. Finally, we deliver a compressive report showing the next steps to make your space free of illness causing contaminants.

Certified Testing Badge - Assaigai is now AirWell

AirWell Certified Testing provides industry standard inspection and laboratory analysis of many indoor containments including Mold, Asbestos, Radon, VOCs, EMF, Particulates, Lead, and many others. It is used by commercial, industrial, and governmental building managers as well by real estate agents, remediators, and insurance adjusters.

The AirWell name and services are the brainchild of Assaigai CEO JW Biava, and his colleague and home health inspector Jeff Bookout of Oklahoma EnviroServ Specialists. Bringing together over 60 years of environmental testing and analysis experience, they will be operating AirWell in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

AirWell Certified Testing and Indoor Wellness Assessments are available starting today at or by calling AirWell New Mexico at 505-345-8964.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, AirWell New Mexico is a family owned, full service, indoor air inspection and environmental analysis laboratory committed to improving indoor air quality.

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